Bin Laden - in songs
09 / 09    tm

Osama Bin Laden's name had been unknown to the Hungarian public before the frightful attack against the United States began. Now he has become the man of the MOSTs: he is suspected with excogitating the most dreadful terrorist attack in the history of mankind and at the moment he is certainly the most wanted person all over the world.

Human creativity knows no measure, and this fact has proved to be true during the last weeks: passionate music fiends and producers have put a great effort in creating songs about Bin Laden, however, we cannot wish you "have fun". We have collected a bunch of these tunes and now they are accessible for everyone to download.


Szám címe

KSEX Radio - Osama Bin Laden dead or alive! Download
DADS - 50 ways to get Bin Laden Download
N Cris - Osama Bin Laden Download
Bullshit - Taliban banana (BL version) Download
WTC - OBL: we're not gonna take it Download
Caedmon's Call - Laden with guilt Download
Prince - OBL get ready 2 bomb Download
Osama Bin Laden tribute Download
DMX vs Osama Bin Laden Download

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Dreadmill - Osama Bin Laden Download
World War 3. - Fuck Osama Bin Laden Download
Jackyl - Open invitation to OBL Download
John Valby -Osama Bin Laden költemény Download
Killer Spam's Comedy - Osama Bin Laden bites it Download
Komp r'n'roll Morning Show - OBL Bomb song Download
Bin Laden in the morning


Megadeth - Crush em Americas war anthem... Download

OBL - I'm afraid of americans Download
WTC - We're not  gonna take it Download
Bunkertor - War against Bin Laden (erős idegzetűeknek) Download
Outlaws - Asama Bin Laden mix Download
Philip Suarez - Fuck Bin Laden Download
Prince Tribute - Bin Laden pussy control Download
Pulsarbeat - Kill Bin laden Download
Sandra McCracken - Laden with guilt (Live) Download
Tyrone and Jamal - OBL gets whats com. Download
WTC Tribute - Message to OBL Download

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